Oshawa Canning Company

The Oshawa Canning Co. was established in 1903 by M.F. Smith; however, they had actually been in business since 1900.  The factory made use of the produce and other farm goods produced by local farmers.  The company canned items such a fruits, vegetables, chicken and turkey. The building was in rather poor condition when Smith took over ownership.  The town of Oshawa provided the company with a grant to aid in renovations and also charged the company a considerably lower tax rate due to the fact that the structure was in such a deplorable state. The Canning Company remained in business for approximately 25 years.  In 1928, the company was sold to the Canadian Canners of Hamilton who, surprisingly, did not continue the canning company but instead rented out parts of the building to other local companies.

The building was first owned by Charles Honey, and then W.T. Dingle, manufacturers of fanning mills.

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