A.S. Whiting/Cedardale Works

The Cedar Dale Scythe Works was the second manufacturing company that A.S. Whiting had established in Oshawa, the first beginning 1852.  The Oshawa Manufacturing Co. was eventually taken over by the Joseph Hall Works & the Oshawa Manufacturing Co. in 1857.

In 1862, the Cedar Dale Works was built after being in a rented space in the Hall Works for two years, building scythes and hoes.  With the building of the firm, the village of Cedar Dale was established.  The firm became Whiting and Cowan in 1867 when John Cowan bought into the company.  After the death of Whiting in 1867, his son-in-law, R.S. Hamlin headed the company. By 1872, it became the A.S. Whiting Manufacturing Co. when Cowan withdrew from the business.  The company had been profitable before Whiting’s death, but due to new machinery being developed and thus hand tools becoming obsolete, the business only lasted for a few more years.


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